On the nature of dragons

With our understanding of the origins of the 'verse and of magic systems as firmly grounded as we are able to get them, let us turn our attention to the formation of species. Most societies in our world have some sort of dragon as part of their heritage. There's something innate about our relationship with... Continue Reading →


On the relevant player character backstory

As I've said before, I use a character background generator heavily based on this document. (I should probably clean it up and post a copy for people to see, as I've made a few adjustments.) It's served me rather well, though I've only run a handful of characters (briefly) with this process. One that sticks... Continue Reading →

On a short detour

I shouldn't be surprised that Wizards of the Coast has an ongoing D&D podcast. I've listened to a few episodes. Well . . . I've only started listening to a few episodes. The first couple stalled out for me when it became obvious they were using the show to pitch upcoming product lines. I was... Continue Reading →

On defining the “divine”

Colville's book has a section on divine intervention. It's generally a good idea to have rules (or at least a well-defined process) that aid in making decisions and resolving conflict in a game ~ but in this case, it raises questions about the relationship between the PCs and deities, and between the players and the... Continue Reading →

On the anatomy of class

To expand upon the last post, I feel it necessary to explore some basic assumptions about the game. I must ask the reader's patience ~ I am going to start from the very beginning and much of this might come across as needless. I shall endeavor to make its relevance clear. Knowing what we do... Continue Reading →

On the distinction of class

I've seen a few remarks and rumblings online concerning the ranger class. I'm pretty sure the issue has more to do with the game's current ruleset and conceptual holdovers from 3rd Edition concerning things like "balance" and "niche protection." Generally, there's a place for these concepts in RPG design (though I prefer to think of... Continue Reading →

On applying first principles

Because I do not feel I fully explored this with yesterday's post, let's ask ourselves a slightly different question: what would it look like to have a core set of rules that govern play-acting? Character creation in D&D (and most RPGs) is clear enough that a completely brand new person can read the book and... Continue Reading →

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