On dungeon architecture

https://twitter.com/markdrew/status/1068095919135047680 Brilliant observations in this thread. Read it. Learn. Expand your mind. How does this apply to D&D? There are real world dungeons that can serve as examples for our game. (warning: that link takes you to a Listverse article.) One of my personal favorites is the abode of one H.H. Holmes, considered the first... Continue Reading →


On origins

https://twitter.com/DmNastics/status/1069599737760940032 DM-Nastics is a Twitter account that posts stuff like this here. They have at least one offering every day, rotating throughout the week, showing off pictures of monsters, places, NPCs, magic items, potions, and so on. They offer a small mental exercise which is sometimes just the thing for us creative types to get... Continue Reading →

On the element of…

This is the entirety of the 2e rules concerning surprise ~ what it is, and when and how to check for it: Surprise can happen any time characters meet another group unexpectedly (monsters, evil knights, peasants, etc.). Surprise is simply what happens when one side ~ a person or party ~ is taken unawares, unable... Continue Reading →

On my disdain for the “popular”

"I hate [Critical Role], as a sentence, voices a complex opinion on cultural trends in [D&D] and aligns the speaker with ... all that [CR] represents. They resent [CR], the concept. [CR], the actual [group], is of secondary importance."

On the potential of D&D Beyond

Let's look at some numbers. I can't say with any certainty how many unique sales Wizards of the Coast has made since 5th Edition was launched. I also can't speak to how the latest version is doing (on a year-by-year basis) compared to 4th or 3rd Editions. These are the sorts of data points that... Continue Reading →

On the material component system

Inspiration struck yet again. The key to a sustainable ~ in this case, referring to the player's ability to effectively use without burnout or boredom ~ set of rules for material spell components is to make them optional. Of course, I said as much before. Where inspiration struck me was when I realized that I... Continue Reading →

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