Magic on the Battlefield: Hypnotic Pattern

  Oh, this is a good one. Per AD&D rules, hypnotic pattern has a range of 30 yards (almost 100 feet) and affects an area the size of a 30-foot cube. It will affect a maximum of 24 hit dice worth of creatures; the targets are allowed a saving throw; and it lasts as long as... Continue Reading →


Rewards: Gold

This is a great question. I wrote an answer but it was a short one. Other people have weighed in and I didn't want to repeat the points already made. But there's a bit of a disconnect in these answers. The answers seem to cluster around a few key ideas. The first of these, and... Continue Reading →

This is the RPGPundit

This is an open letter to John Tarnowski, a.k.a. the RPGPundit, a.k.a. @KasimirUrbanski. This letter is not about you. I apologize for what I've written here, as it's not my intent to drag your name through the mud or to misrepresent anything that you've said. Just as it's not my intent to do these things... Continue Reading →

The Real Session Zero

If you're sitting at my table, it's because I invited you. There are many reasons for that invite, many factors I had to consider, not the least of which is the existing dynamic among the other players. Please understand that what I'm about to say to you, I said to them when they sat down... Continue Reading →

The Cost of the Game

Francois offers a thought, tangentially related to this discussion, that piqued my interest: If you think it preferable for your players to start calculating individual percentage variations, or refer to a table that needs an Excel spreadsheet containing 150 entries (or more), in order to know what happens when their characters do not eat, that's... Continue Reading →


I've been keeping an eye out for games with interesting mechanics. I generally find they provide the equivalent of a low calorie snack ~ not much substance but they help to take the edge off of mental hunger, especially when my mind is too fried to do more serious work. Occasionally, I find something useful,... Continue Reading →

Magic on the Battlefield: Grease

One of the things I love about digging into spells is that it brings up all sorts of interesting questions about rules that I might not have clear answers for. For example, if you use theĀ grease spell against a charging horse, how much damage should the animal and/or rider take from the fall? I figure... Continue Reading →

Magic on the Battlefield: Color Spray

Since spell range is such a critical element when discussing this topic, I feel it's equally necessary that we establish some standards concerning the movement and actions of battlefield units. First, we'll look at foot soldiers. Infantry units may be armed with swords, daggers, spears, and sometimes pikes or halberds. Other weapons are possible but... Continue Reading →

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