Identify II

I realized, after writing my first thoughts on the identify spell, that I hadn't really defined the rule for item identification through mundane means. In order to define a spell ~ to provide carefully considered and well-written rules for a power that changes the way things work ~ you have to first know how things work... Continue Reading →


Foundation III

There's an interesting post about XP at Delta's Hotspot, where he discusses levels and XP and why it's built that way and whether wizards should require more XP than fighters and how the crap are people still talking about this shite like it's the fucking Bible? Sure, there's a lot of discussion about earlier editions of the... Continue Reading →

Foundation II

I did a podcast this past Sunday ~ and I'll provide a link once it's online ~ where I met with a friend I haven't seen in several years. His schtick is that he invites people to decide the content for his podcast, without his input and without his knowledge, such that he doesn't know... Continue Reading →

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