Beer and D&D

A friend messaged me on Facebook about my last post and we had the following discussion (names removed, of course): B: Do you like beer? C: love it B: Stouts, IPAs, sours, gose? C: all beer C: sometimes I like a stout, sometimes I don't, and it's different from one brew to another B: I... Continue Reading →


Seeing the Need

"I agree with your sentiment that we have a responsibility to step in if we see someone about to "jump off a bridge;" but gaming is hardly the same thing as eating detergent." JB is correct, we're not talking about people hurting themselves. The analogy is intense, meant to convey a thought by taking it... Continue Reading →

A Reasonable Concern

There are some interesting comments on B/X Blackrazor's weekly rant ~ a rather insightful post in many respects ~ and I want to key in on one of them: "I'm just not sure why he was upset at these women playing a game. Were they having fun? If they were, then who cares how they... Continue Reading →

Put Down the Dice

That's all. Not much more to say on the subject, really: just don't pick up your dice. Play the game like you're going to succeed simply because you say you will. "I examine the door and the area in front of it, about five feet around. I'm looking for anything that sticks out as unusual... Continue Reading →

Making a Moment

   . . . the point I would like to make about my philosophy . . . was, I think, most succinctly phrased by Alfred Korzybski . . . The map is not the territory, this [pointing at a D&D rulebook] is not Dungeons & Dragons. I know it looks like Dungeons & Dragons, but... Continue Reading →

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