A summary from the latest Master Class post: the DM is not responsible for giving the players an adventure. She is responsible for making the world within which the players act and seek adventure. What counts as being active? That's the distinction here and Alexis offers an example from his online game, helping to clarify... Continue Reading →


Safe and Reliable

No, there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to take part in a collaborative story-telling exercise, if that's your thing. And there is nothing inherently wrong with playing a heavily scripted (railroaded) game, if you're into that. These games can be engaging. They can be immersive. They are easily just as entertaining as any hobby... Continue Reading →


Please consider this your warning: I am going to dissect Matt Colville's latest video. If you're a fan, you probably won't like what I have to say. Please understand that I'm not doing this as a stab against him. I am doing this as a critique on his rhetoric. I said it before and it's... Continue Reading →

To Be Honest…

I feel like I've been a bit of a prick. (And in case you haven't seen it yet, here's my shameless plug for the latest Authentic Role-play podcast, starring yours truly.) If you've read my earliest posts, you'll see that I'm not always a nice person. There's a reason for that, but it's one that I'm conflicted about. See,... Continue Reading →

How do you make a good D&D podcast?

Lately, I've been arguing with people online (no surprise there) about the quality of D&D "actual play" podcasts and videos. There's much to say about them but little that ties them all together. One will have poor sound quality, another is in bad need of editing; but these are technical details that frustrate the one... Continue Reading →


de·lib·er·a·tion noun 1. long and careful consideration or discussion. 2. slow and careful movement or thought. When and how do you apply this to your game? When you pick up the dice for a roll that could alter the course of everything, do you pause to look the players in the eyes? Do you speak... Continue Reading →

Let’s Play Pretend

I must ask the reader's patience for this post: the recent discussion has put into my mind the need to provide examples that better illustrate my points. All too often, I feel that we get lost when discussing hypothetical situations. These discussions would benefit the most from actual examples, but given how complicated things can... Continue Reading →

Choose Your Weapon

Historically, my dice have always sucked. I picked dice for their ascetic appeal. (Chessex was my preferred brand, and I purchased more than just dice from them ~ my favorite product was a wet erase, vinyl map; grids on one side, hexes on the other.) Unfortunately, as a player, this meant that I pretty much... Continue Reading →

Oh, so close…

I like Matt Colville's work. He has good advice, even if he feels the need to couch it in language that's more palatable to the sensitive viewer. I wish he would be more consistent with his views. It'd be nice if he was a little more critical. And I'm expecting the Strongholds and Followers book... Continue Reading →

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