On the proper use of analogy

I can't say that I entirely agree with Noisms' main point. Certainly, he's correct that too much focus on the analogy ~ whatever form that may take ~ can easily lead the viewer to a point where darkness is his only friend because he has his head too far up his own ass. Lord knows I've... Continue Reading →


On the destiny of giants

I feel that I missed something in my last post. Some tie or connection to help the reader see my thought process; something that would benefit you in developing your game, by showing how you might go about designing a new element or redesigning something old. As of this writing, it still escapes me, so... Continue Reading →

More on the interactive story

There's a trend in the "indie RPG scene" embracing narrative mechanics ~ that is, a game rule that gives the player control over the game beyond what their character is immediately capable of influencing. Most character skills or abilities can be summed up as: you have something written on your character sheet; something happens in... Continue Reading →

Rewards: Novelty

This is a tough one. So far, I've been able to offer some advice on addressing the challenges of treasure and magic items in the game. I've chastised the general D&D community for thinking it's possible to give the players too much gold or power. I also threw out some thoughts on how to make... Continue Reading →

On the need for contribution

In response to a conversation at the Tao of D&D, Matt wrote: . . . in D&D, we need better DMs. We need better tools to teach DMs how to gage [sic] their table, how to open conversations, and how to care for the people around them. But we both know that Paizo and WoTC don't... Continue Reading →

On the appropriate rules for the Public Game

I will admit, I struggled to write this post. I wanted to discuss the classification of rules ~ making categories like Character Creation and Combat and Exploration ~ a technique that I use to organize my rules, identify gaps and prepare myself to publish online (for my players, not necessarily the general public, though that... Continue Reading →

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