de·lib·er·a·tion noun 1. long and careful consideration or discussion. 2. slow and careful movement or thought. When and how do you apply this to your game? When you pick up the dice for a roll that could alter the course of everything, do you pause to look the players in the eyes? Do you speak... Continue Reading →


How Will You Die?

Contrary to what a certain commenter would (probably) have you believe, I'm not that much of an asshole. I'm opinionated. I'm generally right (until proven otherwise). These traits are overblown on the internet because there's no good way to present a strong opinion about something and come across as understanding of opposing views without appearing... Continue Reading →

What Comes After?

I've made it a point to argue that acting is not necessary in order to play a role-playing game. This is fundamentally because role-playing is defined as "the acting out of the part of a particular person or character," and, in the context of an RPG, that role ~ the person or character ~ is... Continue Reading →

Being a Better Player

There's a conversation taking place at the Tao of D&D, starting with the semantics of combat and moving in... a very different direction. Alexis shared a video about motivation, noting that player motivation cannot be viewed in the same way as, say, factory worker motivation. Please check out the discussion and the video, it's all... Continue Reading →

I am Not Matt Mercer

Matt Mercer did a roundtable discussion with a few other internet D&D personalities. It's both incredibly illuminating and incredibly boring. It's boring because there's no real discussion: it's a group of talking heads, politely taking their turn to say something that they all agree with. Seriously. Watch the video. One person speaks, four heads nod.... Continue Reading →

I am Not a Good DM

I started a game this past summer. My last game prior was in 2009 or 2010; somewhere around Christmas, during my senior year of college. I took a break because life happened: marriage, kids, graduation, unemployment, deployment, employment, deployment (again) ~ such is the way of things. In 2017, I thought I'd have the chance... Continue Reading →

Playing D&D

I am a player of Dungeons and Dragons. As a player of this game, I have certain expectations. I consider these to be reasonable and applicable to all players. As a player, I expect to have control over my character. I don't expect control of my character's background because that means having control over a... Continue Reading →

Beer and D&D

A friend messaged me on Facebook about my last post and we had the following discussion (names removed, of course): B: Do you like beer? C: love it B: Stouts, IPAs, sours, gose? C: all beer C: sometimes I like a stout, sometimes I don't, and it's different from one brew to another B: I... Continue Reading →

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