On the use of food in a fantasy role-playing game

https://twitter.com/SimonTVesper/status/1064921794447097856 What I don't need to talk about, is the food itself or the culture that surrounds it. These are things you can find through other sources. YouTube videos about fantasy recipes (or this series about 18th century American culture). Examples of rations according to common D&D races. Cookbooks about the preferred meals of fantasy... Continue Reading →


On the mechanics of race

Let's dig into this, shall we? https://twitter.com/POCGamer/status/1068612079500767232 PanzerLion is specifically referring to Pathfinder 2e rules for "half-" races, but the issues are common throughout all versions of the game. It's no secret that D&D has struggled with racism (specifically, how it depicts non-humans races). In many ways, it's a product of its time and while... Continue Reading →

On the potential of D&D Beyond

Let's look at some numbers. I can't say with any certainty how many unique sales Wizards of the Coast has made since 5th Edition was launched. I also can't speak to how the latest version is doing (on a year-by-year basis) compared to 4th or 3rd Editions. These are the sorts of data points that... Continue Reading →

On developing your character

This is not an uncommon question online: How do I fully develop a Dungeons and Dragons character so their actions are in character? And the answers aren't necessarily bad. Choose a personality. Give your character a quirk. Know your character's motivation. Try to pick things that are distinct from yourself. Write a backstory. Answer a... Continue Reading →

On how to write a good RPG

In no particular order . . . Know your audience. The RPG industry is so diverse that it's critical you understand who you're writing your game for. If you assume your audience has never played an RPG before, you need an introduction. If your game does something that no other RPG has done before, you also... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Role-Playing

Maybe this is the tide turning: It's taken as a given that in most hobbies you do the hobby to enjoy it, and that you'll try your best to enjoy the process. Upon the foundation of that given, the hobbyists then talk about technique and finesse. ... in tabletop RPGs, I feel like there's a certain pushback (especially when... Continue Reading →

What the McGuffin?

What is the reason for this trope? In stories, it's a thing that moves the plot along. It's a tool that helps the reader get his characters motivated, leading to action, leading to an engaging story for the audience. This is all fine and good for a story, but we're not in the business of... Continue Reading →

The Cost of the Game

Francois offers a thought, tangentially related to this discussion, that piqued my interest: If you think it preferable for your players to start calculating individual percentage variations, or refer to a table that needs an Excel spreadsheet containing 150 entries (or more), in order to know what happens when their characters do not eat, that's... Continue Reading →

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