The Ivory Tower

Alignment languages: an¬†artifact of a previous era,¬†based on nonsensical notions cobbled together through a handful of literary sources (and not very good ones at that). And yet... The way Noisms puts it, I'm tempted to dive in. Personally, I believe that good/evil, right/wrong, and so on, are very real things. Objectively real. If all people... Continue Reading →


The search continues…

I come across a piece like this and it piques my interest. A dynamic framework for conceptualizing a character's thoughts that helps to inform their actions? Yes, please. The writer in me wants more. Then I check the links and see who we're referencing... And a little part of me dies inside. To summarize the... Continue Reading →

In case you were wondering…

By the way, this is one (among many) of the reasons I don't use alignment anymore. The game took place in the Masque of the Red Death setting, which is based on the Ravenloft campaign setting, which itself grew from the many publications related to the Domains of Dread, a collection of lands or nations... Continue Reading →

How to Make Alignment Work

And here I thought I had nothing more to say... Let's assume we're building an RPG from scratch. We don't know the exact details of the setting - probably something with mid- to high-levels of magic. Enough to make it fairly common but not so common that "magic stores" are a thing. And we don't... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Game

I'm not going to address this topic any more than necessary. It's been beaten to death; there are many sources available for the reader to peruse; and if you haven't decided by now that alignment needs to be thrown out of your game, then I suggest you stop reading and move on to something that's... Continue Reading →

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