On the question of flight

This is a topic you'll see around the 'net and D&D forums that I've never weighed in on. Mostly I considered it a non-issue because, let's face it, I haven't allowed flying PCs in my game since the days of "every splatbook, all the time," under 3rd Edition rules. I generally felt as other DMs... Continue Reading →


On the soft and squishy heroic character

Following Alexis' example, I'm compiling my rules for "publication" online. At present, the site is limited to invitation. When I'm ready to run again, I'll make it available to my players. I intend to share it with the public but I need to produce enough content that I feel it's worth it to the general... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer: This will not be a useful post. The reader should approach the following content with a grain of salt. You may be entertained by this material but you should, in no way, interpret it as a game design recommendation. I'm not being self-deprecating ~ I want to acknowledge that what I'm about to write... Continue Reading →

Magic on the Battlefield: Grease

One of the things I love about digging into spells is that it brings up all sorts of interesting questions about rules that I might not have clear answers for. For example, if you use the grease spell against a charging horse, how much damage should the animal and/or rider take from the fall? I figure... Continue Reading →

Magic on the Battlefield: Color Spray

Since spell range is such a critical element when discussing this topic, I feel it's equally necessary that we establish some standards concerning the movement and actions of battlefield units. First, we'll look at foot soldiers. Infantry units may be armed with swords, daggers, spears, and sometimes pikes or halberds. Other weapons are possible but... Continue Reading →

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