On economic relationships

I have this idea in my head about how my economic model works. The linked article is the long(er) description; a (very) brief summary might be: Map a region. Assign resources, references and markets. Record data into a spreadsheet that calculates relative value for a given product. Run [the program] to produce an output in... Continue Reading →


On the new dungeon ecology

Bear with me on this one. It will take a moment to organize my thoughts, but I can assure the reader, I am going somewhere with all of this. I wanted to write about using real-world data to develop a system for populating a particular type of dungeon. We have a lot of information about... Continue Reading →

Rewards: Toys

Of all the sins of all the editions ~ and there have been many ~ I think the worst is probably 3rd Edition's implied magic item economy. For those unfamiliar, AD&D had guidelines in the DMG (or maybe it was a supplement; I can't remember, honestly, but I know I saw it somewhere) for making... Continue Reading →

An Economic Primer

Hollow Scribe commented on the last post, asking a question that I feel is worth exploring: Are axes and swords meant to be specific here, or more generalized as maybe “weapons” and “tools”? Let it be known, as stated previously, that I am basing my economic system on the Tao of D&D. However, whereas Alexis... Continue Reading →


Just finished the first draft of my world's map and I thought the reader might be interested in seeing it: You can also find a link to the file here. It might be familiar ~ it's the continent of Cerilia, from the Birthright campaign setting. It's larger than the published map. That's partly because published... Continue Reading →

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