On the nefarious pit trap

Let's put this concept into practice. For context, we're working with a classic dungeon, the Tomb of Horrors. I know some of my readers will recoil at the thought of using a published module while others will feel a twang of nostalgia. For myself, nostalgia is ephemeral, a wispy sense of a reconstructed memory, gone... Continue Reading →


On the meta-game of traps

I intend to examine specific traps in greater detail, as I did in this example, but I think I've stumbled upon the solution to the original problem and I wanted to get it down while the thoughts are still fresh (and, of course, for the reader's consideration and feedback). Remember, the basis for this approach... Continue Reading →

On abjuration

to abure (verb)1. a. to renounce upon oath; b. to reject solemnly2. to abstain fromWebster's For the most part, I know each of the eight schools of magic. Their definitions are pretty straight forward and easily understood. Alteration deals with transformative magics; evocation creates energy from (seemingly) nowhere; conjuration creates physical things from pure magic;... Continue Reading →

On the problem of traps

Traps in D&D have always bothered me. I get it: they're iconic, they're fun, they're a staple of the fantasy genre, and so on. I love the idea of them, having grown up with the Indiana Jones films (and games) (except the 4th, because fuck Lucas). And I love the roguish archetype, especially the clever,... Continue Reading →

On the solution to polymorph

Let's lean into this, shall we? Let's keep polymorph as a 4th-level spell. There's another five levels above that which affords the opportunity for better versions. The use of a higher level slot carries its own downside (it takes more time to recover the magic and you're using it at the cost of all other... Continue Reading →

On the problem of polymorph

With my database complete, I'm turning my attention to isolating spells for consideration as part of my game. This includes addressing some of the more . . . problematic elements of certain magics. For example, while I know that magic missile and fireball aren't going to change, there's no reason I have to keep mage armor the... Continue Reading →

On the question of flight

This is a topic you'll see around the 'net and D&D forums that I've never weighed in on. Mostly I considered it a non-issue because, let's face it, I haven't allowed flying PCs in my game since the days of "every splatbook, all the time," under 3rd Edition rules. I generally felt as other DMs... Continue Reading →

On sacrifice

My notes concerning skills for the warlock class do not, unfortunately, include a link to an idea I've stolen from Monsters & Manuals. With apologies to noisms, I have to rely entirely on memory. The original content was rules for including sacrifice in your game. Specifically, it was a collection of NPC classes that could... Continue Reading →

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