On the material component system

Inspiration struck yet again. The key to a sustainable ~ in this case, referring to the player's ability to effectively use without burnout or boredom ~ set of rules for material spell components is to make them optional. Of course, I said as much before. Where inspiration struck me was when I realized that I... Continue Reading →


The Philosophy of Magic: Storytelling

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbZMqS-fW-8 Home viewing also allowed for a less "adult" form of privacy, a kind of comfortable intimacy with friends or family that you can't get in a theater. Getting together on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and the blow of a television to watch a scary movie is an oft-repeated familial ritual, in... Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of Magic: Games

Remember, we're playing a game. It's important to draw a connection between the fantasy of the game world and our real world if only because it's the experience of our players. We want to leverage that experience and familiarity to make our jobs a little easier. In the end, we want our systems and references to... Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of Magic: Schools

Given that cultural progression, in social developments and technology, come about both within the isolated sphere of a given culture and as a direct result of exposure to other cultures (through exploration, trade and conquest), it's difficult to say which of the eight classic schools of magic came first. Obviously there's a connection between the... Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of Magic: First Principles

What is magic? I figured before I continue the thread started with my last post, I should answer some basic questions. Magic, as a term for the supernatural, is often associated with things that are unexplained. In literature, magic is a convention for the storyteller to communicate something fantastic. Good stories will have a structure... Continue Reading →

On the hierarchy of illusion magic

If the reader will recall, I wrote before about the need to categorize magic according to principles drawn from modern observations and scientific understanding. A counter-argument came to me that I want to explore. We might argue that the literature ~ in fantasy fiction, mostly, but also in RPG products ~ doesn't support this approach. Further,... Continue Reading →

On the cursed magic item

Seems that WordPress ate my original post on the identify spell. Not quite sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, meh . . . just a bunch of words and it was one of my earlier posts, so it's not like there's anything too significant in it. On the other hand, it had a great... Continue Reading →

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