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building 3D dungeons


On dungeon architecture

https://twitter.com/markdrew/status/1068095919135047680 Brilliant observations in this thread. Read it. Learn. Expand your mind. How does this apply to D&D? There are real world dungeons that can serve as examples for our game. (warning: that link takes you to a Listverse article.) One of my personal favorites is the abode of one H.H. Holmes, considered the first... Continue Reading →


Just finished the latest revision to my world map: Cerilia, from the Birthright (AD&D) campaign setting. (I would provide an image for this post but it seems that it's too big for WordPress to handle.)   The link will direct the reader to four versions of the map, on the off-chance that the reader wishes... Continue Reading →


Just finished the first draft of my world's map and I thought the reader might be interested in seeing it: You can also find a link to the file here. It might be familiar ~ it's the continent of Cerilia, from the Birthright campaign setting. It's larger than the published map. That's partly because published... Continue Reading →

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