On the baseline for mental health

I was going to hold off on a post about dominate and mental control magic, being that I'm still working through my spell lists, but I came across a forum thread that put forth an interesting notion: what does it take to produce extreme mental trauma? EDIT: The rule concerning Morale was originally written incorrectly.... Continue Reading →


Five Dimensions of Personality

I have a list of over 300 personalities. It's a single list that I'd hoped to use to produce personalities for NPCs at random. I also thought to associate it with alignment ~ a background detail, not relevant to my players because I don't use alignment in the actual playing of the game ~ because... Continue Reading →

More on Behavior

Some will realize that I've already been building up a system that guarantees the player can do a large variety of small, skill-based things, which I call my sage system.  I might have already created a "gambling" ability that included "being able to buy into a game." Some have realized this and some have begun... Continue Reading →

Influencing NPC Behavior

I think I have a solution. It requires testing ~ and I'm in no position to test it anytime soon. It's very situational ~ most of the time, the DM won't need these rules because she knows how her NPCs will respond to the players. But sometimes, there's a chance. There's no chance that the... Continue Reading →

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