The Philosophy of Magic: Games

Remember, we're playing a game. It's important to draw a connection between the fantasy of the game world and our real world if only because it's the experience of our players. We want to leverage that experience and familiarity to make our jobs a little easier. In the end, we want our systems and references to... Continue Reading →


The Philosophy of Magic: Schools

Given that cultural progression, in social developments and technology, come about both within the isolated sphere of a given culture and as a direct result of exposure to other cultures (through exploration, trade and conquest), it's difficult to say which of the eight classic schools of magic came first. Obviously there's a connection between the... Continue Reading →

On the proper use of analogy

I can't say that I entirely agree with Noisms' main point. Certainly, he's correct that too much focus on the analogy ~ whatever form that may take ~ can easily lead the viewer to a point where darkness is his only friend because he has his head too far up his own ass. Lord knows I've... Continue Reading →

On the need for contribution

In response to a conversation at the Tao of D&D, Matt wrote: . . . in D&D, we need better DMs. We need better tools to teach DMs how to gage [sic] their table, how to open conversations, and how to care for the people around them. But we both know that Paizo and WoTC don't... Continue Reading →

It’s all very sensual, isn’t it?

Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power. -- Oscar Wilde A lot of people are playing online. To the point where there are forums and websites that cater to online players; making connections, finding open games, advertising game styles and content, and giving advice on how to play and... Continue Reading →

Edition Politics

It's not a war. It's a political debate. And neither side has ever bothered to listen to the other, just like in real politics. Take this exchange as an example: Now, clearly, a solution to the issue is to make spellcasters pay in some manner for their spells. There are ways to make it harder... Continue Reading →

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