On my disdain for the “popular”

"I hate [Critical Role], as a sentence, voices a complex opinion on cultural trends in [D&D] and aligns the speaker with ... all that [CR] represents. They resent [CR], the concept. [CR], the actual [group], is of secondary importance."


How do you make a good D&D podcast?

Lately, I've been arguing with people online (no surprise there) about the quality of D&D "actual play" podcasts and videos. There's much to say about them but little that ties them all together. One will have poor sound quality, another is in bad need of editing; but these are technical details that frustrate the one... Continue Reading →

What is the Problem?

As Alexis suggests in this week's Authentic Role-Play Podcast, we may be going about this all wrong. There's a surge of interest in D&D, to be certain ~ though personally I suspect it's no different than the surge that gave birth to the OSR, or the blogosphere in general, or the internet ~ and before... Continue Reading →

The thing about storytelling games…

I recorded a session with Alexis Smolensk last night for his upcoming Authentic Role-Play podcast. No spoilers. I can't even speak to the other guests because Alexis is keeping the production close to the chest until he's ready to release them, much as you would a traditional television program. I'm looking forward to it. There... Continue Reading →


Fuzzy Skinner offered his take on the recent podcast, a sentiment that is shared among many in our online communities. Alexis politely shut him down, a response which is entirely within his right, particularly when you consider that he's maintained pretty much the same position on his blog for about a decade. For myself, it's... Continue Reading →

Want to Hear Something Interesting?

I know Frank Mentzer by name only. Wikipedia has a short bio on his involvement with TSR. I didn't get much out of it, really. I know he's credited with revising and editing the 1983 D&D BECMI version; and with editing and authoring a few other supplements, to include T1-4, The Temple of Elemental Evil... Continue Reading →

Podcasts and Blogging

It's been a couple weeks since the last post but I want to assure the reader that I am not going anywhere. This is, unfortunately, part of the natural ebb and flow that is life. Work has taken much of my time lately; of course, family is always important; and I've been working with a... Continue Reading →


Anyone who spends more than a few moments listening and critically evaluating this video will realize that the speaker is employing age-old rhetoric designed to belittle and break down the listener, to the point where you're willing to accept his premise, which is, "This thing is totally bad except when I say it's good because... Continue Reading →

A Culture of Mediocrity

I am at once compelled to rant and rave, frothing at the mouth over the state of our hobby, the lack of real representation or leadership, and the constant perception of roleplaying as, if not a weird pastime, still a less-than-acceptable one. Yet there is that small part of me that cautions restraint. It tells... Continue Reading →

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