On the fanboy’s dilemma

Say, for the sake of argument, you're a guy who likes a thing. You don't have to be a guy in the literal sense, of course. You can be who you want to be. But in this case, you're someone who's very passionate about something. You've liked this thing for a long time; maybe as... Continue Reading →


On the difficulty of “acting in character”

https://twitter.com/AndreasPischner/status/1059213145435267077 What does it mean to "act in character?" This is a fairly common point of discussion among online communities. Often, it turns up where a player or a GM is concerned about metagaming, or the perception that they're acting on knowledge that their character could not possibly possess. But it's just as likely that... Continue Reading →

On the influence of a community

I came to an interesting revelation yesterday. I've been watching YouTube videos here and there, mostly critiques and commentaries on film, games and books. Some of the more entertaining material ventures into political and philosophical discourse between . . . well, between the rational and irrational. Most of it is trash, honestly, but I like... Continue Reading →

On the purpose of role-playing games

I wrote a definition for role-playing games, focusing on early versions and emphasizing the idea that "role" pertains to an individual's job or function within the group. While I feel that that's a good definition, I recognize that it doesn't apply to a lot of games that people would otherwise consider RPGs. C'est la vie, perhaps,... Continue Reading →

On developing your character

This is not an uncommon question online: How do I fully develop a Dungeons and Dragons character so their actions are in character? And the answers aren't necessarily bad. Choose a personality. Give your character a quirk. Know your character's motivation. Try to pick things that are distinct from yourself. Write a backstory. Answer a... Continue Reading →

On the need for contribution

In response to a conversation at the Tao of D&D, Matt wrote: . . . in D&D, we need better DMs. We need better tools to teach DMs how to gage [sic] their table, how to open conversations, and how to care for the people around them. But we both know that Paizo and WoTC don't... Continue Reading →

On impotence

I will admit ~ I'm torn on the topic of "save or die" effects. A single casting incapacitates the target for the spell's duration and that duration is long enough to effectively remove it from the fight. In the worst cases, that effect is the death of the character because the fight ends, the effect... Continue Reading →

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