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This is the entirety of the 2e rules concerning surprise ~ what it is, and when and how to check for it: Surprise can happen any time characters meet another group unexpectedly (monsters, evil knights, peasants, etc.). Surprise is simply what happens when one side ~ a person or party ~ is taken unawares, unable... Continue Reading →


On the status of this blog

Over the past . . . two years now, I've made a conscious effort to not directly talk about my challenges as a writer. I feel it's appropriate to break that streak today and provide the reader with an update. It's not that I have so many followers that I'm concerned about my image; or... Continue Reading →

Rewards: Purpose

Let's play a game. I initially conceived of this as a traditional role-playing game. I never got to run it and it's been in the back of my mind for years. I can see it being a computer game, given the games we have today, but as I have no knowledge of coding games and... Continue Reading →


As in, the comic. They're doing a Kickstarter to raise money for an animated version. I recommend checking it out. Silly? Yes. Immature? Absolutely. Represents the things that are wrong with the game? In so many ways. But the writing is good and the characters are endearing and there's a decent cast of actors lined... Continue Reading →


Let's see now... I started playing in 1992. I was living in the United Arab Emirates. The thing that sticks out in my mind, whenever I think back on those years, was how damn hot it was. Like, really fucking hot. Hot enough that I developed a severe dislike for cold weather. It was 45... Continue Reading →


One of my latest activities has been to address D&D topics at Quora. Here are a few of the questions I've answered... How to play D&D on a budget What are some criticisms of D&D? and... I dread the thought of killing player characters... And of course I put this question forth - What is Meta-Gaming -... Continue Reading →

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