Rewards: Toys

Of all the sins of all the editions ~ and there have been many ~ I think the worst is probably 3rd Edition's implied magic item economy. For those unfamiliar, AD&D had guidelines in the DMG (or maybe it was a supplement; I can't remember, honestly, but I know I saw it somewhere) for making... Continue Reading →



I've come across a few world-building resources lately that are just fantastic and I figure sharing them is just one small way to help the creators out (that and remind the reader that some of these guys have Patreon accounts, so if you like their stuff as much as I do, you should consider donating).... Continue Reading →

The Otherworldly Dungeon

The origin of everything starts with mankind. More specifically, it starts with humanoids, intelligent creatures capable of complex thoughts and language, possessing souls and able to worship. The true birth of the multiverse depends on these beings, and on a concept known as Thought Made Manifest. Get enough people together, all believing the same thing,... Continue Reading →

The Constructed Dungeon

The constructed dungeon differs from the natural in one key way: it was built or modified for a purpose. There are many intelligent beings who would want to build a dungeon. It might be a literal dungeon beneath a castle, meant for keeping prisoners. It might be a temple to an ancient deity, its servants... Continue Reading →

The Natural Dungeon

I consider the "natural" dungeon to be any form of cavern, cave or grotto; not unlike the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico... Or the Gomantong Caves in Malaysia... I've always struggled with the idea of the natural dungeon (in a fantasy setting).¬†They're formed through a combination of geological forces and erosion, and there's a limit... Continue Reading →

What are Dungeons For?

What is a dungeon? (Apart from the obvious answer, of course.) Dungeons are the places where we find adventure. They are the Castle Greyhawk, Mines of Moria and Tomb of Horrors in our worlds. They are dragon lairs; ancient temples; sunken cities; goblin warrens; and deep, dark recesses of the earth. Truly, in dungeons, there... Continue Reading →

More About Dwarves

Where I have recently adjusted my view on elven physiology, I'm now considering a similar adjustment to dwarves, but to the exact opposite extreme. What if dwarves, unlike humans, were born with clearly defined gender characteristics? Furthermore, let's assume that dwarves experience no variation in gender identity or sexuality. Dwarves are either male or female,... Continue Reading →

More About Elves

This whole series ~ examining the way that racial traits could define, in small ways, a race's culture and society ~ really started when I read this post and this one. The latter made me wonder why it is that we tend toward over simplifying our depictions of fantasy races; the former made me say, "Great,... Continue Reading →

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