On origins

https://twitter.com/DmNastics/status/1069599737760940032 DM-Nastics is a Twitter account that posts stuff like this here. They have at least one offering every day, rotating throughout the week, showing off pictures of monsters, places, NPCs, magic items, potions, and so on. They offer a small mental exercise which is sometimes just the thing for us creative types to get... Continue Reading →


On the use of food in a fantasy role-playing game

https://twitter.com/SimonTVesper/status/1064921794447097856 What I don't need to talk about, is the food itself or the culture that surrounds it. These are things you can find through other sources. YouTube videos about fantasy recipes (or this series about 18th century American culture). Examples of rations according to common D&D races. Cookbooks about the preferred meals of fantasy... Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of Magic: Schools

Given that cultural progression, in social developments and technology, come about both within the isolated sphere of a given culture and as a direct result of exposure to other cultures (through exploration, trade and conquest), it's difficult to say which of the eight classic schools of magic came first. Obviously there's a connection between the... Continue Reading →

The Philosophy of Magic: First Principles

What is magic? I figured before I continue the thread started with my last post, I should answer some basic questions. Magic, as a term for the supernatural, is often associated with things that are unexplained. In literature, magic is a convention for the storyteller to communicate something fantastic. Good stories will have a structure... Continue Reading →

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