On my disdain for the “popular”

"I hate [Critical Role], as a sentence, voices a complex opinion on cultural trends in [D&D] and aligns the speaker with ... all that [CR] represents. They resent [CR], the concept. [CR], the actual [group], is of secondary importance."


On the soft and squishy heroic character

Following Alexis' example, I'm compiling my rules for "publication" online. At present, the site is limited to invitation. When I'm ready to run again, I'll make it available to my players. I intend to share it with the public but I need to produce enough content that I feel it's worth it to the general... Continue Reading →


Seriously, does anyone actually use this mechanic? . . .┬áthe entire mechanic comes down to being a device to encourage the players to play the way the DM wants. Yeah. That sums it up. And that's the general feeling I get about 5e as a whole ~ here's a bunch of rules that you can... Continue Reading →

Rewards: Toys

Of all the sins of all the editions ~ and there have been many ~ I think the worst is probably 3rd Edition's implied magic item economy. For those unfamiliar, AD&D had guidelines in the DMG (or maybe it was a supplement; I can't remember, honestly, but I know I saw it somewhere) for making... Continue Reading →

Edition Politics

It's not a war. It's a political debate. And neither side has ever bothered to listen to the other, just like in real politics. Take this exchange as an example: Now, clearly, a solution to the issue is to make spellcasters pay in some manner for their spells. There are ways to make it harder... Continue Reading →

Pulling the Goalie

Gladwell's latest Revisionist History podcast. As always, you should listen to the whole thing. For our purposes, the following points are the most relevant: In hockey, you pull the goalie when you're certain that it's worth the risk to leave your goal undefended, in order to increase you chances of scoring and winning the game.... Continue Reading →

Rewards: Power

I swear, these are coming up at random. This question was added just today (as I'm writing) and it's already got three answers. And the next day, that number jumped to seven, including the one I wrote. That will probably change again by the time I post this, so take it with a grain of... Continue Reading →

Rewards: Gold

This is a great question. I wrote an answer but it was a short one. Other people have weighed in and I didn't want to repeat the points already made. But there's a bit of a disconnect in these answers. The answers seem to cluster around a few key ideas. The first of these, and... Continue Reading →

The Cost of the Game

Francois offers a thought, tangentially related to this discussion, that piqued my interest: If you think it preferable for your players to start calculating individual percentage variations, or refer to a table that needs an Excel spreadsheet containing 150 entries (or more), in order to know what happens when their characters do not eat, that's... Continue Reading →

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