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I come across a piece like this and it piques my interest. A dynamic framework for conceptualizing a character's thoughts that helps to inform their actions? Yes, please. The writer in me wants more. Then I check the links and see who we're referencing... And a little part of me dies inside. To summarize the... Continue Reading →


More About Dwarves

Where I have recently adjusted my view on elven physiology, I'm now considering a similar adjustment to dwarves, but to the exact opposite extreme. What if dwarves, unlike humans, were born with clearly defined gender characteristics? Furthermore, let's assume that dwarves experience no variation in gender identity or sexuality. Dwarves are either male or female,... Continue Reading →

What is the Problem?

As Alexis suggests in this week's Authentic Role-Play Podcast, we may be going about this all wrong. There's a surge of interest in D&D, to be certain ~ though personally I suspect it's no different than the surge that gave birth to the OSR, or the blogosphere in general, or the internet ~ and before... Continue Reading →

More on Behavior

Some will realize that I've already been building up a system that guarantees the player can do a large variety of small, skill-based things, which I call my sage system.  I might have already created a "gambling" ability that included "being able to buy into a game." Some have realized this and some have begun... Continue Reading →

More About Elves

This whole series ~ examining the way that racial traits could define, in small ways, a race's culture and society ~ really started when I read this post and this one. The latter made me wonder why it is that we tend toward over simplifying our depictions of fantasy races; the former made me say, "Great,... Continue Reading →


EDIT: I found my mistake: seems I forgot to include racial ability modifiers in the NPC generator. Boy, is my face red... I'll leave this post (and those before it) as is. This is a process and it would be disingenuous of me to remove rior thoughts, especially if they're wrong. It'll take time before... Continue Reading →


Orcs in my world have the following traits: Ability Scores: +1 Strength and -1 Intelligence. Scent: Orcs can detect and follow odors much like a dog or a pig. Orcs benefit from the Senses I skill regarding their ability to detect odors. They automatically detect the presence of creatures within 1d6-2 hexes. Finally, this ability also allows an... Continue Reading →


Let's look at elves. Elves in my world have the following traits: Ability Scores: +1 Dexterity and -1 Constitution. Improved Vision: Elves can see four times as far as a normal human under similar conditions. Line of sight to the horizon is limited by factors such as obstructions or the lay of the land, but... Continue Reading →


Let's start with races in our fantasy worlds. Fantasy races have always been a stand-in for real world race relations. Whether we agree with that assessment or not is immaterial; the fact remains that our audience will see some element of the human condition in the fantasy we present to them. If they don't, we've... Continue Reading →

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