Running D&D

I am a Dungeon Master. As a D&D Dungeon Master, I have certain expectations. I consider these to be reasonable and applicable to everyone who sits at my table. As the DM, I have control over my world. I am the final authority on everything that happens in the world. I decide what rules we... Continue Reading →


Playing D&D

I am a player of Dungeons and Dragons. As a player of this game, I have certain expectations. I consider these to be reasonable and applicable to all players. As a player, I expect to have control over my character. I don't expect control of my character's background because that means having control over a... Continue Reading →

Seeing the Need

"I agree with your sentiment that we have a responsibility to step in if we see someone about to "jump off a bridge;" but gaming is hardly the same thing as eating detergent." JB is correct, we're not talking about people hurting themselves. The analogy is intense, meant to convey a thought by taking it... Continue Reading →

A Reasonable Concern

There are some interesting comments on B/X Blackrazor's weekly rant ~ a rather insightful post in many respects ~ and I want to key in on one of them: "I'm just not sure why he was upset at these women playing a game. Were they having fun? If they were, then who cares how they... Continue Reading →

What It’s About

From a recent post on the Tao of D&D: . . . before we settle down to play poker, I just want to let you know that I will be trying to play the game well enough to take your money. Part of my goal, here, will involve moments when I purposefully distract you, or... Continue Reading →

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Following up on the last post, let's take a moment to better define the game. I propose a five-level categorization system. Each level is assumed to build upon the previous (the exception being the third level which offers additional rules systems that can be added to a game as the DM desires). We can use... Continue Reading →


I write about how I can apply psychology to D&D magic, thus making a more realistic, comprehensive and engaging game, and I hear not a peep. I accuse DMs of cheating ~ nay, I demonstrate that DMs are willing to admit they cheat and that there's nothing wrong with it! ~ and my feed blows... Continue Reading →

A Culture of Mediocrity

I am at once compelled to rant and rave, frothing at the mouth over the state of our hobby, the lack of real representation or leadership, and the constant perception of roleplaying as, if not a weird pastime, still a less-than-acceptable one. Yet there is that small part of me that cautions restraint. It tells... Continue Reading →

All the Work Again…

Delta's house rules concerning clerics: there are no clerics. And here's my response to each of his reasons... (Disclaimer: Yes, of course he can run his game however he wants. And I'm sure that his game is well run, judging by the quality of the content on his blog. My thoughts are outlined below because... Continue Reading →

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