Influencing NPC Behavior

I think I have a solution. It requires testing ~ and I'm in no position to test it anytime soon. It's very situational ~ most of the time, the DM won't need these rules because she knows how her NPCs will respond to the players. But sometimes, there's a chance. There's no chance that the... Continue Reading →


Quora Dump

I'm liking this site. There are more than a few questions that are a waste of time. Sometimes, you get good answers to them. I'm not one to bother with these trolls but it's entertaining to see how other people address them. There are some real gems among the questions. Things that prove insightful and... Continue Reading →

I am Not a Good DM

I started a game this past summer. My last game prior was in 2009 or 2010; somewhere around Christmas, during my senior year of college. I took a break because life happened: marriage, kids, graduation, unemployment, deployment, employment, deployment (again) ~ such is the way of things. In 2017, I thought I'd have the chance... Continue Reading →

Running D&D

I am a Dungeon Master. As a D&D Dungeon Master, I have certain expectations. I consider these to be reasonable and applicable to everyone who sits at my table. As the DM, I have control over my world. I am the final authority on everything that happens in the world. I decide what rules we... Continue Reading →


Just finished the latest revision to my world map: Cerilia, from the Birthright (AD&D) campaign setting. (I would provide an image for this post but it seems that it's too big for WordPress to handle.)   The link will direct the reader to four versions of the map, on the off-chance that the reader wishes... Continue Reading →

Playing D&D

I am a player of Dungeons and Dragons. As a player of this game, I have certain expectations. I consider these to be reasonable and applicable to all players. As a player, I expect to have control over my character. I don't expect control of my character's background because that means having control over a... Continue Reading →

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